GOOD17 Program*

GOOD17 and Canada at 150

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, and festivities are being held right across the country all year long.

GO-Open Data 2017 has a lot to celebrate, too. Over the past decade, greater access to data and information has created substantial, positive impact for Canadians. We’ve come a long way, but there’s still so much more left to do.

With the theme of “Canada at 150”, GOOD17 looks at how far we’ve come, and the future that lies ahead. This year’s program includes reflective and visionary discussions illuminating where we’ve been and where we’re headed next, including:

  • Canada and its role in the open government world
  • Celebrating the open Canada we’ve built
  • Building the open Canada we envision

This year’s conference will include diverse voices from across the province and country—including many that haven’t always been amplified in conversations around open government and open data.

Your Canada, Your Voice

We had some great submissions to our open call for the afternoon breakout sessions. We’re pleased to confirm a great selection of concurrent sessions and apologize if we’ve made the choice difficult for you – that’s a GOOD thing!

Day 1
05 May 2017
Day 2
06 May 2017

Conference Day

8:00 - 9:00

Registration & Light Breakfast

Welcome Remarks

Sameer Vasta
Sameer Vasta
Kristen Pawelec, Conference Co-Chair
Tyler Sutton, Conference Co-Chair

Welcome Address from Province

Hon. Liz Sandals MPP
President of the Treasury Board
Hon Liz Sandals, MPP Guelph GO Open Data 2017
Hon Liz Sandals, MPP (Guelph)

Keynote Speakers Panel

Gain insight into how governments across Canada have approached open data and learn how we rank on the global stage. Highlighting both our successes and our shortcomings, the session will also look at non-government organizations and their role within the open data ecosystem.

Dr. Tracey Lauriault, Critical Media and Big Data
Carleton University

Councillor Maureen Cassidy, Moderator

Tracy Antone, Director of Health
Chiefs of Ontario

Dr. Tracey Lauriault
Councillor Maureen Cassidy
Tracey Antone
10:15 - 10:45

Coffee Break

Panel 1: Building the Canada We Envision

From the rural - urban divide to the digital divide, the path forward is filled with both challenges and opportunities. Join this panel to examine where we are now and start charting the course we need to follow make this country the “Canada We Envision”.

Adam Caplan, Moderator

Merlin Chatwin, Public Sector Consultant
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Western Ontario

Ashleigh Weeden, Communications Manager
Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology Inc.

Sean Galloway
Manager of Urban Design and GIS, City of London
Adam Caplan
Merlin Chatwin
Ashleigh Weeden
Ashleigh Weeden
Sean Galloway, GOOD17
Sean Galloway

Panel 2: Celebrating Open Data in Canada

As we continue to evolve in the Open Gov - Open Data space, it’s important to take a moment to appreciate the successes we've had to date. Join the panel to reflect on what we've accomplished through open data in areas such as business and economic development, data journalism for social good, and community building.

Suze Morrison, Moderator

Kevin Tuer, Managing Director
Open Data Exchange (ODX)

William Wolfe-Wylie
Senior Developer, CBC

Karen Louise Smith, Assistant Professor
Communication, Popular Culture & Film, Brock University
Suze Morrison
Kevin Tuer
Kevin Tuer
William Wolfe-Wiley
William Wolfe-Wylie
Karen Louise Smith
12:15 - 13:20

Networking Lunch

13:20 - 13:30

Open Mic

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

We've planned a diverse set of concurrent sessions for knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer discussion. See the descriptions below to learn more about the sessions and presenters.

Ontario and the International Open Data Charter

Have opinions about open data in the province? Here’s your chance to shape the future of Ontario’s open data. As one of 15 subnational governments participating in the Open Government Partnership, Ontario is adopting the International Open Data Charter. This builds on the work already underway at the province, including implementing Ontario’s Open Data Directive. We want your help to realize the opportunities and possibilities for Ontarians in adopting the International Open Data Charter.

Facilitating the session
Nosa Ero-Brown, Acting Director Open Government Office
Cara Dowden, Data Analyst
Amy Bihari, Senior Data Advisor
Ontario Treasury Board Secretariat
Open Government Office
Nosa Ero-Brown
Cara Dowden
Amy Bihari

Smart Cities & Digital Government

With all the hype around "Smart Cities" and "Intelligent Communities", what does it really mean to be “Smart”? And what about “Digital Government” – is that just a continuation of the 2000’s “e-Government”? Join us for an open and lively conversation about "Smart Cities", the role of open data, and what that means to City staff and citizens.

Jury Konga, Open North Associate
Open Knowledge Canada Ambassador

Rachel Bloom, Open North
Smart Cities Project Lead

Sameer Vasta, Digital Government Office
Government of Ontario

Sean Galloway, City of London
Manager of Urban Design and GIS
Jury Konga
Rachel Bloom
Sameer Vasta
Sameer Vasta
Sean Galloway, GOOD17
Sean Galloway

Bridging the Canadian Divide

The value of open data is in how it facilitates public consultation and enriches social good and economic development. These benefits, as well as the challenges open data can help to address, are not confined to any particular level of government. This panel will explore and seek to articulate a path to synchronized open data policy development and implementation.

Rob Davidson
Principal Consultant and Founder of Veracify

Rob Davidson

Data Strategies for the Nonprofit Sector

Data plays an increasingly central role in how the nonprofit sector measures program success, community impact, and progress in key social policy areas. Strategies to build efficient data infrastructure, and to effectively collect and manage data is key to realizing impact and measurement goals for individual organizations, and the sector as a whole. Panelists will share their perspectives on both sector-wide and organizational-level data strategies, followed by a group discussion to exchange ideas and input on how nonprofit sector data can evolve. Practical resources for organizations to build their own data strategies will also be shared.
John Griffiths
Andi Argast
Ben Liadsky
Kejo Buchanan
14:30 - 14:45


Canada’s Growing Civic Tech Movement

The civic tech movement's presence and impact in Canada has grown quickly over the past couple of years. This panel will feature civic tech leaders, who will describe the opportunity and potential in civic tech for the public, private and nonprofit sectors.
Sharon Kennedy
Gabe Sawhney
Titus Ferguson
Rob Davidson

Understanding Data Analytics

Join us for a working session with two of Ontario’s premiere Analytics firms as they demonstrate emerging approaches to generating social and business value from Open Data. Shingai Manjengwa will demonstrate the use of open source programming languages like R and Python in the analysis and visualization of a local Open Data Set. Bring your laptop to follow the short case study or come to observe. We’ll be working in IBM’s cloud hosted environment, Data Scientist Workbench. You may register in advance, the platform is open source and free.
Bob Lytle will demonstrate his firm’s approach to Open Data sourcing and dashboarding using Tableau and discuss real-world commercial Open Data projects.

Shingai Manjengwa, Director
Fireside Analytics

Bob Lytle, Founder
Rel8ed to Analytics
Shingai Manjengwa
Bob Lytle

Municipal Open Data Challenges and Innovation

Open Data practitioners know that there are challenges and the key ones will be highlighted and discussed by the panel. More importantly, the panel will speak to what we can do with open data through innovation - not just with the data but through community engagement, partnerships and the range of innovative activities that can happen to make open data part of the larger digital ecosystem.
Karen Dubeau
Connie McCutcheon
Jury Konga
Tyler Sutton, Conference Co-Chair

Government of Canada’s Open Data Inventory, and Mandatory Procedures for Publishing Open Government Resources

This presentation will highlight two projects that we have been working on: 1. The open data inventory; including, the process, outcomes, lessons learned and next steps. 2. Mandatory Procedures for Publishing Open Government Resources – a guidance document that will be incorporated as a policy tool for the Directive on Open Government. This will outline required steps, best practices, and tools to help departments implement open government.

Alannah Hilt, Lead for Systems and Support Team
Information Management and Open Government Team
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Government of Canada
Alannah Hilt

Closing Remarks

Mayor Matt Brown
City of London

Sameer Vasta, Master-of- Ceremonies
Mayor Matt Brown, City of London
16:00 - 16:30

Making Connections

Post Conference Pub Social

Come join us for a night of networking and complimentary appetizers at OilveR Twists. This Neighbourhood Bar and Grill is a short walk from the Wolf Performance Hall, located in the Covent Garden Market in Downtown London.

Hackathon Day

Civic Tech London will officially launch at the GOOD17 hackathon on May 6th. Join with other civic and technically minded folks to brainstorm, collaborate, design and develop the solutions and projects that will make our communities and cities thrive. Civic Tech is about using technology to interact with/improve the public good.

The GOOD17 hackathon is a training ground for civic minded technologists. But you don't need to be a coder, an accomplished designer, or working at a hot new startup to participate! Hackathons bring together our diverse community to collaborate and create together; everyone has something to teach somebody.

The hackathon is open to any and all projects, but here are some ideas of what you might expect to see on May 6th:

• Helping Londoners access city services, programs, notices, and information in a way that is most accessible for them.
• Providing tools and spaces for service providers and community organizations to connect, collaborate, and better serve the diverse people of the city.
• Helping Londoners navigate and better use city services, while having an equitable, inclusive voice in city decision-making.
• Providing equitable, inclusive tools and spaces for Londoners of all kinds to connect, collaborate, and learn the stories of their fellow city residents.
• Helping Londoners build the city they want to see: connected and growing, environmentally-conscious, equitable and inclusive.


Overview of the day and maybe a couple of lightning talks - stay tuned.
Titus Ferguson

Project Pitches

Here's your opportunity to pitch the project you'd like others to join for today's event.
To submit your project ideas please email:

Data and Ontario’s Digital Government Agenda

Hon. Deb Matthews, MPP
Deputy Premier of Ontario
Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development
Minister Responsible for Digital Government
Hon. Deb Matthews, MPP London North Centre
12:10 - 1:10


Presentations, Open Forum and Closing Remarks

Hear exciting presentations from the participant groups on what they accomplished and where they'd like to go in the future. Open Forum on the day’s activities and suggestions for follow-up events. Closing remarks from the Hack organizer.
Titus Ferguson
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