GOOD18 Call for Speakers

Are you interested in speaking at GOOD18 around the theme Open Data and Smart Communities?

Call for Speakers

This year at GOOD18, the afternoon program is your opportunity to share your views on how Open Data helps drive innovation and empowers Smart Communities. In order to facilitate the conference, we have prepared a few relevant topic areas that we encourage your talk to be submitted around (and of course we welcome any talks that are highly technical in nature):

  1. Open Data and Smart Communities
  2. Open Contracting and Open Data in Procurement
  3. Open Data in Health and Safety.
  4. Open, Closed and Shared – Data Realities

Of course, there is always an open call for new ideas and topics.

GOOD18 will look back at the progress the Open Data movement has made, but also look ahead to where we want to go. The conference program will reflect that, including reflective and visionary sessions and panels.


  • GOOD18 does not cover the costs of travel or accommodation for speakers
  • The talks will be filmed and made available online, both live and recorded
  • Speaking opportunities are approximately 45 minutes, which may be split between multiple panelists

Questions? Contact the organizing committee


Conference Partners
City of Barrie Open Knowledge Pathway Communications